ProSafety™ Smart Hjälm

  • Ensures You The Most Secure Protection While Biking
  • Drive Safely Anywhere During Day Or Night

  • Comes With Smart LED Lights To Help You See Better At Night
  • Shockproof And Strong Material, Won’t Break At All

  • Comfortable To Wear For A Long Ride

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Best Protection For Your Head On Any Bumpy Road

Are you looking for the best protection for your biking needs?

Introducing you to ProSafety™ Smart Hjälm, designed integrated to ensure the most secure protection for your head while on the road, minimizing the risk of getting into accidents!

With shock shield technology gives you extra protection and the ultra-lightweight cap is so comfortable to wear, unlike other caps that make your head and shoulder feel heavy.

✔️ Gives you all-around protection for your head while riding!

✔️ Comes with a ventilation system that supports airflow, so no more sweat!

✔️ Provide maximum comfort with its ultralight design which doesn’t feel heavy, and causes headaches!

Make Adventure Feel Secure And More Fun

Many helmets are designed too tight and uncomfortable, but ProSafety™ is made with an adjustable strap to perfectly fit your head and absorbing inner ventilation, sweat won’t run through your face and disturb your sight.

Comes with 3 smart warning LED modes in the back and side, powered with 2000md allowing people able to notice your visibility from afar, and a flashlight in front to help you see better at night.

✔️ Powered with a rechargeable battery!

✔️ Soft inner line makes it super comfortable for the skin!

✔️ Adjustable chin strap perfectly fits your head and the pad feels soft on your skin!

Your Travel Buddy To Keep You Safe

Wearing this gives you the most secure and comfortable experience better in riding, even on uneven roads, it will stay with you like a buddy!

Enjoy night adventures without the adrenaline rush of your safety and your daily adventures with less anxious feelings.

✔️ Completed with a waterproof system that ensures you’re safe even on a rainy day!

✔️ Durable material made from high-quality polycarbonate with a sturdy shell!

✔️ Go anywhere and arrive safely!

Beställ Nu Och Få En 30-Dagars Pengarna-Tillbaka-Garanti!

Låt oss vara ärliga: löftena om ProSafety™ Smart Hjälm låter trevligt och bra. Men vi kan förstå att du är misstänksam om detta verkligen fungerar för dig.

Med detta sagt vill vi erbjuda dig en 30-dagars provperiod av vår ProSafety™ Smart Hjälm.

Så om du inte får den bästa upplevelsen med den är det bara att returnera den till oss så ger vi dig en full återbetalningsgaranti!

Tro Inte Bara På Oss... Kolla In Vad Andra Säger!

“ This helmet is so great! It’s not heavy and so secure in my head. It makes me feel safe, thank you. 


“  It's lightweight and so comfortable to wear for a long ride! Keeps my head dry too, no more hair sticking to my face after I got home. 


 This is actually a comfortable helmet. There's good airflow. I've worn it on some very hot days and it’s completely breezy. What I love the most is the LED lights part! 


Ofta Ställda Frågor

Will this fit in my head?

Yes! It is made for all sizes and comes with an adjustable chin strap. Designed with one-hand adjustability, you don’t need to take off the helmet to adjust the fit or change the light.

Is it rechargeable and how long does it last?

Yes. It is rechargeable and a full charge of the flashlight can last up to 24 hours while the back and side LED lights can be up to a month.

Is it weatherproof?

ProSafety™ is designed to be weatherproof and stands in all weather conditions – sunny, rainy, or stormy days – but don’t forget to keep the USB port safe from the rain!

Can I wash the inner padding?

Yes. It is removable and has a quick drying technology, you can quickly wear again! Simply wash it with warm water and detergent, then dry naturally.

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Over Than 1,000+ Satisfied Customers Are Relaxed When Biking At Night Ever Since They Got This!