• Stay Safe From Nasal Allegies Easily
  • Break Free From Stuffy & Runny Nose

  • Effective Therapy To Cure Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Polyps & Many More

  • Skip A Painful & Expensive Gurgery

  • Get Instant Relief Wherever You Go

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Easy & Pain-free Solution For Nasal Allergies

Frequent sneezing & coughing can be too much for your delicate nasal tissues to handle, bringing you to a more complicated health issues even before you know it.

Well, worry no more because our AllergiClear™ uses a scientifically proven laser therapy, to enhance your detoxifying capacity & immunocompetence!

✔️ Perfect Weapon to fight the invisible enemy that cause nasal problems

✔️ Strenghtens your immune, providing a shield against common allergens

✔️ Get Instant relief from pain & breathing difficulties

Skip Painful & Expensive Surgeries

Air is essential but its quality today is not as good as it was. Allergens revolve all around making it more likely to catch a mild or even severe nasal allergies.

We've seen this struggle.

That's why we give you the AllergiClear™ so you can:

✔️ Provides a deep tissue stimulation to heal your sinusitis, rhinitis, & even polyps!

✔️ Relaxes your nasal passages that will allow you to breathe with comfort instantly!

✔️ Keeps you away from irreversible damage from strong medicine of any harsh checmical remedies! 

Get Instant Relief From Coughing, Sneezing, & Itching

Laser has made a huge medical breakthrough in curing simple to complex health condition that's why we took great pride to bring you AllergiClear™ and made this technology within your reach!

✔️ Natural Healing Without Side Effects - Uses the latest medical laser to strengthen your nasal organ's natural healing!

✔️ Nasal Congestion Relief - Softens mucus and minimize sinus secretion to prevents nasal passage congestion!

✔️ Elliminate Allergy Causing Allergens - The optimized blue light kills allergens stuck deep within your nasal, stopping you from itching, coughing, & sneezing!

Order now & enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Let's be honest: the promises about the AllergiClear™ sound nice and good. But we can understand that you are suspicious about whether this really stops your suffering from nasal allergies.

With that being said, we would like to offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee!

So if you do not get the best experience with our AllergiClear™, then simply return it to us and we will give you a full refund guarantee!

Don't take our word for it. Check out what others are saying!

“ I instanly felt relieved from my nasal pain and allowed me to breathe comfortably just as I've used this for the first time and I can confidently say that it gets better every day! This has surpased my expectation and well deserved a good review from me! 



“ What a relief! I've tried a lot of medication to get rid of my nasal polyps that has been making it hard for me to breathe but none seems to work and to be honest, I can't afford any surgical operation to have it removed, It's just this simple device with it's light that literally vanished them wihout a trace! Highly recommended for nasal problems! 



“ This is so effective to relieve from runny nose and easy to use. Also because of its small packing, I can have it wherever I go and get instant relief whenever I get a stuffy nose



Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt or give an unpleasant sensation when used?

No, AllergiClear™ has a non-invasive nasal insert length of 660nm for its healing effect to be at its peak, providing you a pain-free solution for all your nasal problems!

Would it work to remove polyps too?

Yes, AllergiClear™ laser technology is adjusted to give deep tissue healing, reducing inflammations, getting rid of nasal polyps painlessly that you won't even notice they're gone!

Can I use this repeatedly within the day?

Yes, with a recommended use of just 5 mins of up to 5X a day for best results, so you can break free from sinusitis, polyps, rhinitis, & other nasal allergies! 

Is this portable?

Yes, AllergiClear™ is pocket sized and uses 1 pcs 9v battery (not included), allowing you to bring it anywhere and get an instant relief from allergy bursts wherever you go!

Is it easy to use?

Yes, simply insert the battery, plug auxiliary & place the light end to your nose hole, then press the power button, allow it to stay for 3-5 mins and you're done keeping your nasal healthy!

How long does shipping take?

We ship our items from various warehouses across the world and we use various shipment methods so we can provide you the fast yet FREE shipping. Right now our shipping times are 7-15 business days across Sweden.

1,000+ Of Our Customers Are Enjoying Quick And Easy Relief From Nasal Allergies Wherever They Go!